What age do you need to be to skydive in Fort Lauderdale?

All participants who are planning to skydive over Fort Lauderdale are required to sign a waiver prior to performing their first skydive. Because this waiver is a legal contract, all skydivers must be at least 18 years of age. This is applicable when skydiving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or any location within our network within the entire United States.

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is the most affordable option for everyone near Fort Lauderdale looking to skydive.The Accelerated free fall pricing is dependent on which level you are reserving. Pricing tends to change based on the current cost of gasoline and based on the current season. For current pricing, please call and a representative will further assist you.

Is a recording of my skydiving jump provided to me?

You can always remember your experience from the moment you board the airplane to the jump when you purchase a Fort Lauderdale Skydiving video bundle. As a portion of the package, our videographers will carry out a short interview just before you board the plane and on the aircraft as you climb to altitude. After that, the videographer dives with you to enable them to capture the entire skydiving adventure. To capture those last minutes of landing, the videographer will land before you.

Can I bring my own camera?

We advise that you do bring your own video camera to use while you are on the ground and for your friends to use while they are watching you. However, skydivers are not permitted to take their own camera on the airplane.

How high up and at what speed can I expect to go during my skydive?

Several factors will contribute in your speed. In most cases, we'll ascend as high as 14,000 feet for the typical tandem skydiving jump. As soon as you jump and are freefalling, you can expect to fall at a pace of 120 mph!

Could all of my friends dive all at once?

Don't stress, we'll do our very best to keep your party all together. You might be able to jump all together, but think about a couple of factors first. It is essential to know that there is a short delay between skydivers from the plane, which means that you might not have the chance to freefall or canopy ride down all together. We will do our best to meet any request you and your group may have. There is a small delay in between each skydiver so jumping on the same aircraft load as your friends doesn't mean you will be next to them during the freefall and parachute ride. Some couples and groups actually like to go on separate loads so they can watch their loved ones freefall and landing from the ground.

What if someone wishes to come along with you but does not want to dive?

You are more than welcome to bring family and friends to watch your skydiving adventure. They can stay on the ground and watch the entire skydiving experience from the viewing area. Non-jumpers are not permitted on the aircraft at any time.