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Videographer is waiting to film the big jump!
Another successful recording of a jump near Florida!
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In the novel of your experiences, you'll be rereading your Fort Lauderdale skydiving experience chapter for a very long time. Now you are able to relive adventure over and over with our skydiving video bundle. Show your skeptical friends and family how fun tandem skydiving can really be. Ask about our skydiving video package whenever you call us at 954-794-1210!

Right before take-off and also as the plane ascends you will record your thoughts for posterity with the cameramen from our affiliate network. They or she will capture your point-of- view from the start to the very end of your jump. Smile at the camera! When the parachute deploys, the videographer will leave you for a few so he or she can record your touchdown Be prepared for an interview as your videographer will want to record your thoughts on the experience for ever. Check skydiving off your bucket list! Your skydiving video is officially recorded and will be accompanied by the soundtrack that you picked out Check on the videographer's availability when you make your Fort Lauderdale Skydiving reservation so you don't miss out on the chance to film.